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The Wire is Crow Motel's network of artists and available resources. The established relationships within this collective of contributors offers each production a unique and personalized experience.

Colleen Wilson
The Crowtographer

The Crowtographer (Colleen Wilson)

I am a West Coast recreational photographer with a deep fondness for all things Corvid. Fortunate to live in an urban environment with an abundance of crows, I strive to capture images which reflect the beauty of these amazing creatures and the relationships they have with each other and with the world around them.

Crows are fiercely intelligent, adaptable, and resourceful birds with a brain to body ratio close to that of the Great Apes. They are playful problem solvers and attention seekers with deep curiosity about their environments. They are fun, they are engaging, and they can also be ridiculously intense. Between their stunning blue/purple/black

plumage and their many intellectual and social characteristics, these birds are an absolute joy to photograph.

For the technically curious, I shoot with a Canon 80D and my go to lenses include the Canon 55-250, Canon 18-135, and the Tamron 18-400.

To view more of my work, please join me at :

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