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Artist Direction & Development || Video & Music Production

Crow Motel is an artist's one-stop-shop for songwriting, artist development, demo recording, and video production. Each artist leaves with a customized finished product, content for an EPK, and an online presence.


An idea will flourish when exposed to reliable resources, detailed direction, and positive development. Crow Motel is dedicated to fostering the artist's potential and presentation while ensuring a personalized style, image, and concept emerges. Tailoring each project to variable budgets, Crow Motel provides the artist access to a variety of professional resources, designers, musicians, and photographers, for top quality promotion material.


Danny Lovelock has always had a passion for performing and music production. For the past two decades, he has been fortunate enough to write, record, and perform in Canada, the USA, and the UK both as a solo musician and fronting several rock bands. Over this time, these experiences as well as his certification at Pacific Audio Visual Institute has shifted his artistic focus to audio and video production.

With a keen eye and ear for videography, songwriting, and music development, Danny has been able to unite his artistic enterprises and repertoire in Crow Motel, notable in his pilot production “Regardez-Moi”, featuring 2018 BC Modern Dance Level III Provincial Winner Gregory Jungco.

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